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Biomechanical self-testing for runners
A discussion of the muscles involved in running, what happens biomechanically when they are weak, and a means of testing for weakness on your own.
Iliotibial Band Syndrome: A Common Source of Knee Pain in Runners & Multisport Athletes
An article originally written for the Tri-ME website.
Knee Pain
A discussion of some of the common biomechanical factors of knee pain.
Learning to Listen to your body
An article on injury prevention through body self-awareness.
Plantar fascitis
An article on this common running injury.
Running Form
A discussion of proper distance running form with some links.
A discussion on the general principles of stretching.
Swimmer’s shoulder: A common cause of shoulder pain
in swimmers and multi-sport athletes
An article on the most common source of shoulder pain in swimmers.
To go long or not to go long
A discussion of the ins and outs of training for long distance events.
Triathlon training: the off-season
A discussion on how to approach the off-season for triathletes.
When it’s more than "just muscle."
An article that challenges the belief that most injuries involve, "Just a muscle."

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