Sports-Oriented Chiropractic

Dr. Raymond is a Certified Chiropractic Sports Practitioner (C.C.S.P.) This certification is the result of extensive post-graduate training and testing in the area of sports injuries. We take this knowledge and approach and apply it to all of our patients, athletes or not.

"Sports-oriented" chiropractic means taking the best that chiropractic has to offer, namely manipulation, and integrating it into a more complete understanding of the mechanics of the human body. Muscles attach to bones to move or stabilize joints. When treating the typical injury if you only address the joint issue or only work on the muscular aspects you will be missing part of the picture. We seek to gain a complete understanding of your injury, not only where it hurts but also where it originates, in order to truly resolve the problem.

Active Release Technique®

Dr. Raymond is a credentialed Active Release Technique® (ART) provider. ART is a newer, truly unique soft tissue treatment system. It allows us to find not only what muscles are tight, but where exactly within the muscle is tight and affecting your biomechanics. It also helps us to find and break down adhesions, or scar tissue, that have built up between muscles and/or nerves. ART can be very effective in treating conditions like tennis and golfer's elbow, peripheral nerve entrapments such as carpal tunnel syndrome, rotator cuff injuries, and other soft-tissue and nerve-related conditions. It has become a very popular technique amongst athletes, especially in endurance sports like Iron-Man Triathlons. For more detailed information, visit the ART website at:

Individualized Rehabilitative Exercises

As part of our evaluation and treatment plan we will try to identify which exercises you can perform to take a pro-active part in your recovery. This may range from a few simple stretches to a comprehensive rehabilitation program. We try not to over-whelm our patients with dozens of different exercises just for the sake of exercise. Instead our focus is on those handful that will really make a difference and are worth doing. We keep up to date through seminars and more importantly by practicing what we preach; every exercise Dr. Raymond gives you is something he has done or does on a regular basis.

Digitally Recorded Gait Analysis

Using a treadmill, digital camcorder, and motion-capture software we can tape you running or walking to evaluate your gait. The software allows us to record the session so that we can go back and show you, in slow motion, all the details. We can even pull up different sessions concurrently on the same screen to compare, for example, different running shoes, the effect of a particular orthotic, or to compare gait pre and post treatment. It is very educational to watch yourself run, and it helps us to get a more complete picture of your mechanics, form, and factors that may be affecting your injury.

Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization

Quite often with soft tissue injuries there will be adhesions (essentially scar tissue) layed down within the muscle. Using specialized tools we can rub the surface of the skin over the muscle and actually feel changes in the texture of the muscle that can't be felt by hand. Typically adhesed muscle will feel rough or crunchy. We then proceed to literally "scrape" away the adhesions (not as painful as it sounds.) During the course of one or more treatments you can actually feel as the texture of the tissue smooths out and returns to a more normal state.

IASTM works particularly well on the more tendinous portion of the muscle near where it attaches to bone. Some examples of its use include treating conditions such as tennis elbow, knee tendinitis, or cleaning out scar tissue associated with an old ankle sprain. IASTM works particularly well when combined with Active Release Technique.

Chiropractic Acupuncture

Dr. Raymond is a Certified Chiropractic Acupuncturist (C.C.Ac.) Basically this means acupuncture directed to conditions that are within the normal scope of practice of a chiropractor. For example, Dr. Raymond often utilizes chiropractic acupuncture as part of the treatment for conditions such as chronic back pain, migraine headaches, bulging/herniated discs, etc. If you were interested in pursuing acupuncture for a condition that is normally not treated by a chiropractor, such as depression or endometriosis, Dr. Raymond would refer you to a Licensed Acupuncturist (L.Ac.) that has more experience in that area.